Specialty Insurances

Our team of experts applies a client-focused approach that leverages our global network of resources, industry-leading data and analytics and specialised expertise.

We have a broker that understands your needs and programme.

We work with you to identify your business needs and understand the complexity of your organisation to design creative, personalised solutions delivered seamlessly, anywhere in the world, though a local point of contact.

Trade Credit Solutions

Tshianeo Trade Credit has unparalleled technical knowledge and market influence as the world’s largest specialist credit insurance broker. With our global distribution network, we provide credit insurance to organisations operating in both domestic and international markets

Political Risk Solutions

This cover is aimed at exporters, importers, contractors, investors and lenders involved in overseas transactions who may incur heavy financial losses resulting from political risks.

Professional Indemnity

The world in which professionals operate is one of ever increasing pressure, with demands for quick answers and cost effective solutions. This pressure can lead to errors and omissions in the professional’s office, which can give rise to claims. This factor together with the litigious nature of our society underscores the need for Professional Indemnity (PI) insurance, both for companies and individual practitioners.

Risk Consulting

As the complexity of the current market continues to increase, organisations need to think more broadly and proactively about risk. Tshianeo offers a fully integrated range of risk consulting solutions, from risk identification and control to risk assessment and financing. We have designed our services to meet your organisation’s comprehensive needs.

Cyber Liability Insurance

Every organisation that has a network, online presence and holds or accesses confidential data is at risk for a cyber breach or attack. The very nature of the internet means that cyber criminals from anywhere in the world can direct their attention to specific targets.

Directors and Officers Liability Insurance

Directors and Officers (D&O) liability insurance has a vital role to play in any business, regardless of size or nature of ownership. It is a necessity when it comes to the protection of the personal assets of directors, officers and other employees who are charged with supervisory and managerial responsibilities, who can be held liable for wrongful acts which may occur in their day-to-day management activities. A wrongful act is typically defined as an actual or alleged breach of duty, breach of trust, neglect, error, misstatement, misleading statement, omission, breach of warranty or authority or any other act, but excludes intentional and deliberate acts. The main purpose of a D&O policy is to offer financial protection for executives, providing investigation and legal defence costs together with awards for a valid claim.

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